Welcome! We are a community of people who believe that Jesus is the only true hope for the world. Because we have received His grace freely and generously, we do not exist simply for ourselves, but are committed to serving others. We are committed to using our passions and strengths to build relationships, ultimately resulting in lives, marriages, homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods that have been transformed by Jesus.

Our Current Sermon Series is called “Rhythms: Gather - Give - Go" We will be finish this series on Sunday. Click here to listen to the Gather - Give Messages.

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None Like Him is a the sermon series we are currently in. We are studying the attributes of God. We would love for you to join us on Sunday’s as we learn more about our amazing God!

Attributes we have gone over so far: Infinite . Incomprehensible . Self Existent . Self Sufficient . Eternal

If Gathering 2019 is here! We are very excited to be co-hosting the event with Foothills Community Church her in Stayton.
If you have never hear of If Gathering take a minute to watch this quick video. We can only host 200 people and the spots will fill up FAST. We encourage you to register ASAP to secure your spot!

Register for the event and sign up to volunteer at the event here:

(Note: You still will need to Register for the Event even if you have signed up to volunteer)