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Hey everyone,
I wanted to send out another update to let you all know how Logan Zerkel is doing and how you can continue to pray.

Logan has made significant improvements over the last week! On Tuesday he officially transferred out of the ICU and into Randall's children hospital! This is a HUGE deal!! He is breathing and eating all on his own and is now doing physical therapy, and even walked about 15 ft! He still has a picc line for the antibiotics but other than that he is completely independent. Each of these are tremendous in and of themselves and together they represent giant answered prayers from around the world...Thank you Lord!!!

Logan has set a goal to be home next week. Continue to pray for healing and also for provision for the family as Tim and Misty have not worked in over a month. I you are interested in helping you can give here by clicking on the GIVE button above, please just specify that your gift is for Logan or the Zerkel family. There is also a spaghetti feed fundraiser at the immaculate conception Catholic Church on October 12th from 5-8pm.

Thank you all again so much for your continued prayers!!

In Him,



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