Hi All! We are very excited about hosting our first campout to end the summer for our youth group! It is going to be a special time for fun and exploring God's Word! Here are some more details that will be very helpful to know about the event:


Campout: August 23rd-24th

Drop Off - 4:30 PM Friday

Pick Up - 11:30 AM Saturday

Address: Jay and Courtney's
490 95th Ave. NE Salem, OR 97317

One Rule to Note: To encourage engagement throughout the event - we will be having a no phone policy during this camp. Youth are welcome to bring their phones and put them in a basket. If they need to contact someone for some reason, they will be allowed to use it for that purpose. If you need to reach your student for any reason, you can call Olivia at 509-690-0888 or David at 503-979-2141.

What to Bring:

Release Form (required)
A friend (with a release form)
Sleeping bag
Change of Clothes
Warm Clothes
Shoes you can run in

What Not to Bring:

Knives or weapons of any kind

Release Form:

Please bring a completed release form with you. Please include any allergies your student may have on the back of the form. Release forms are attached to this email.


One More Note:

To answer one common question - boys and girls will be sleeping very far apart from one another - on two different ends of the property and will have adult supervision throughout the event.

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to our Youth Pastor, David Giglio, at or call him at 503-979-2141.

Thanks! David Giglio - Youth Pastor


Please click the link and fill out the Youth Activities Consent Form and give it to David Giglio as soon as you can. Thank you!