The Zedwick Family - Family Missions

The Poor Family - Dominican Republic Missionaries


Andando - Senegal Missionaries

The Bruggeman Family - Hispanic Ministry

Janelle Lonbeck - Serving Wycliffe Associates in Cameroon, West Africa

Peter & Emily Sheriff - Serving Willamette International in Sierra Leone, West Africa

Michael & Nicole Burch - Serving Grace Village in Sierra Leone, West Africa

Saint Cyr Family - Serving in Haiti

Todd Pynch - Serving Crisis Chaplaincy Services in Oregon


The Vision: In dependance upon God, through Gospel proclamation, relationship, and example, we desire to enter into the lives of skateboarders to present an accurate picture of Jesus Christ resulting in the winning of souls and the transformation of lives.

Skatechurch, a non-profit Christian ministry, has been reaching out to skaters in the greater Portland area with the Gospel for over 30 years. Our 6,400 sq. ft. skatepark, called “the Warehouse,” is located behind Central Bible Church in the Gateway neighborhood of northeast Portland.


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Camp Jonah exists to be, live and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through unique camp and retreat experiences.

We envision a growing campus where people are drawn to the beauty of Trout Lake, our welcoming hospitality, the uniqueness and spiritual depth of our programs, and the comfort of our facilities

The Bible Project is a non-profit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. We create 100% free videos, podcasts, and resources that explore the Bible’s unified story.


The Bible is a divine-human book that speaks God’s word to his people. We believe it ultimately points us to Jesus, who has the power to change individuals and whole communities when we let the biblical story speak for itself.

Sadly, for so many, the Bible is used as a devotional grab bag or an instruction manual that fell out of the sky. Worse, for many more, it is an oppressive book of out-dated rules used to control people.

We simply desire to help others understand the scriptures and all their complex themes in a way that is engaging, approachable, and transformative. We are committed followers of Jesus, but are not organizationally a part of any specific Christian denomination or tradition. We hope that people from all backgrounds will find value in this work, regardless of their religious or non-religious convictions.



Jake Klindtworth - Missions Director

Thank you Church Family for supporting these organizations, families, and individuals.