Hey everyone,

Summer is here!...well, I guess it's almost here.  Here are a few Grace events for you to add to your calendar.

2.  Youth Group!!  We are finally starting a youth group!  It will be led by David Giglio(our worship pastor) and they will be doing once a month events for the summer, starting with a game night at the Thompson's house on June 23rd at 5:00.  

3.  No church June 30th.  Every year we take two Sundays off of our regular Sunday gathering, the lat Sunday of December and the last Sunday of June.  We do this for 2 reasons- first, to let all of our faithful volunteers have a break, and second, to remind ourselves of the fact that Church is so much more than Sunday mornings. We ARE the Church!

4.  Church in the park/BBQ July 14th.  We will meet at Pioneer park for our service followed by a potluck BBQ.  Stay tuned for more details!

5.  Baptism Service August 4th.  Baptism is an incredibly important part of our faith as Christians and it is such a privilege to be a part of this every year!  If you are a follower of Jesus and have never been baptized please consider this!  more details about this will be coming soon as well.

Its gonna be a great summer ya'll!  Put this stuff on your calendar and we'll see you Sunday!

In Him,